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Nitto Drag Radials 325-50-15's

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Nitto Drag Radials 325-50-15's Empty Nitto Drag Radials 325-50-15's

Post  blown473 on February 8th 2019, 12:48 am

Anybody running the Nitto 325-50-15 drag radials ? Asking opinions on street/strip cars how you liked or didn't like them ?

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Nitto Drag Radials 325-50-15's Empty Re: Nitto Drag Radials 325-50-15's

Post  CDMBill on May 20th 2019, 1:32 pm

I have run them and and had good results to a point, that point being bottom 10's in a 4200+ pound car. After that it took the Hoosiers, now in DR2 form or the new Mickey's to get a decent, not 60ft. time on the way to 9.60's. This was N/A. I still run the 325/50 tire on my BBF Fox. It needs a 12" wide wheel. I use a set of the Nitto's as street tires and on the chassis dyno for the stiffer side wall.


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