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Post  flatheadgary on December 18th 2017, 9:14 pm

hello from the california desert. i have always liked the bbf motor and have had a few in the past. i have a '71 ford f250 i am putting a 460 in and my brother and i built a henry j and put a 429 in it. ran good in the 12's all day. i am building a '54 ford coupe with a 460 in it. it won't be much but it should be fun. i have experience in 'glass work and am making molds for the one piece front end, doors, and truck lid. it will have a 9" rear (what else), c6 trans and a straight axle. i don't have a lot of money so i am trying to make it lighter. this is a labor of love as my first car when i was 15 was a '53 coupe. it got a 6/71 blown olds/hydro, straight axle and a pontiac rear. this was about 1963. i worked on it until i was 22. then one day, i came out to the garage and looked at it and said i am tired of this car. i built other cars and harleys during this time and just quit on it. i sold all the good stuff and junked the body. after a few years i wondered what the hell did i do that for!! i recently got the desire to build another one and finish it this time. ford made several styles of this car, mainline, custom line, cruiser line and several others. i have seen them for sale for sometime but not the type i had. mine was a mainline business coupe. the main difference was a smaller quarter window. i figured, if i was going to do this, i might as well get the same car. then i saw the exact same car as mine, but a '54 on craigslist. same car as the '53 just a little different front end basically. it even had the six and stick like mine. the price was right too. i paid 100 bucks back in '63, this time it cost me 400. it isn't in as good a shape as mine was though. it had been in a mud slide flood and was full of dried mud from the belt line down. the body is beat up but reparable. the strange thing is, it has very little rust. i just this day finished the body work on the front end to make my molds from. i have already made the trunk lid. once i make the molds for the front, i just have to make the door molds. if you know anything about 'glass work, you know the molds take the most time and material to make. not including the repair of the bucks to even begin to make the molds.  anyway, once i get this all done i can start building the car. stay tuned. gary

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Post  stanger68 on December 18th 2017, 9:38 pm

sweet! welcome aboard.


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Post  BBFTorino on December 19th 2017, 2:37 am

Welcome!!...from another desert dweller, Im in the Victor Valley area.


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