Newbie with a 73 F350

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Newbie with a 73 F350 Empty Newbie with a 73 F350

Post  Weasels73oneton on November 12th 2017, 9:30 pm

Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum community but pretty familiar with 73-79 dentside pick ups. Recently I acquired my Grandpa's old '73 F350 Super Camper, it is an all original truck with 145k miles and I am the third owner. It's got a BBF 460 4barrel with a RV cam from the factory, C6 automatic and the giant Dana 70 rear end geared 4.11's, I thought it was pretty cool that I also have front disk brakes unlike many other 73's that I have seen.

I've got a divorced twin-stick NP205 and a Dana 60 kingpin from a 79 3/4 ton that I plan on putting up front to make this beast 4wd. Yeah yeah yeah, it's out of a 3/4 ton pick up but the axle itself is a full floater 35 spline and is rated one ton, so I'm not losing out on my weight capacity. Plan is to rebuild and regear to 4.11's with a Yukon Grizzly locker... I think I'm posting all of this onto the wrong forum haha.

My C6 is going to get a rebuild and a shift kit installed soon... hopefully.

I am fairly unfamiliar with the 385 series engines and the little boxes of magic that they call automatic transmissions, and that's why I'm here on this forum. I would like to be at about 500 ft lb torque and have a fuel injected engine, whether that be a 90's 7.5l swap, FiTech efi swap kit, etc. What do the 460 guru's say about this??

Thanks guys

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