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Post  dbaker on October 18th 2017, 6:57 pm

I just wanted to introduce my self. Grew up in Southeast Texas. Worked as a mechanic for 30 years. Currently working in the Houston area for a large transport company.
My interest in BBF started with my father-in-law. "Clester Andrews" if you know his name fine if you don't that is fine too. I was impressed with the engine he built for his bracket racer.
A 514 with SCJ heads and a 1150 dominator pulled one time on a dyno 664 HP. He ran the 10:90 bracket and then ran the 9:90 bracket in Houston. He then built a SVO block with the SCJ heads and pulled 800+
I don't know what he put it the engine but he had Billy at Lunati Cams custom grind a cam He talked to a guy in Houston named "Luther Costalis" that helped him build the first engine. (hope I got it right). I now have a Jet boat with a ford 460. I just want to get it up to 75 and now the max speed is 60. That is the main reason I joined this forum. I am like others looking for valid tried and true information. I have read a few posts and some seem to have gone off topic and then others are like a low flying jet going over my head. Even though I have a back ground I still have lots of learning to do. Every one has a chevy, but there are few fords. I did learn that ford do last and build quality blocks. That 514 was a cast crank and stock block ran about 60 passes through the traps at 7000. Before it threw a rod, I was impressed about the durability.


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Post  Mike R on October 18th 2017, 7:21 pm

Welcome, There's a great bunch of guys here and the BBF knowledge is immeasurable, the search button is your friend.

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Post  dfree383 on October 19th 2017, 1:31 pm

Welcome, We have a number of jet boat guys hear that are sure to help you get their.

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