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Post  7.3daily460chevellebuild on August 15th 2017, 12:09 am

I am a young ford diesel mechanic. My father built a 460 in his 85 f250 after ripping out his 6.9 international diesel. This thing was a best with d0ve ported and polished heads bored to a 466. Forged bottom end so on and so on.. he built it to pull and I have seen it outrun some more modern muscle in its day. My grandfather has given me the frame, body and most of the parts to a 67 chevelle. But I have no motor or trans. I was to build a 460 for this thing. I have a 429/460 block, rods out of a 460 both push and connecting. I want to build 5-600 ponys out of it but finding parts is hard. Are d0ve heds worth it? And if so, what trans will hold that kind of power that will bolt up to a 460?


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Post  supervel45 on August 15th 2017, 10:03 am

On the DOVE heads it always a time/cost ect. deal to what to chose. Look at it from this angle, a Ford engine in a Chevy will make the Bowtie Boys Head explode. If you beat them in a race with factory parts it just rubs it in worse. I would think a built C-6 would be good for your deal.


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