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'78 Bronco Ranger in Oxford, MS

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'78 Bronco Ranger in Oxford, MS Empty '78 Bronco Ranger in Oxford, MS

Post  youngDUMP on March 5th 2014, 12:16 am

Hey yall. My name is Logan. I'm 22 years old and a pharmacy student at Ole Miss.

I owned a '78 Bronco Ranger in high school. It had a mildly built 400M/C6, 4.10 gears with detroit locker in rear and true trac up front, 6' suspension, 3" body, on 40" TSLs. It had quite bit of rust in the normal areas and faded red paint, but I loved the hell out of that thing and it would ripp. So when I came across a '78 Bronco Ranger on craigslist wanting to trade for the kind of wheeler I had I figured I'd check it out. Told myself before going to look at it that if the body was in good shape that I would do the deal. Well I got there and it was in good shape body wise. No serious rust and no dent or dings. One little wave behind driver rear wheel well at the very bottom 3"x7". Now, the fella said he had had the truck for 5 years, but didn't know too much of anything about the truck, said his dad did most of the work to it. He told me that it had a 460 with a c6, 3/4 ton axles, new warn hubs,10" suspension, 3" body, 44" TSLs, and said the 460 had a "decent cam". it has a B&M shifter. He believes it has 4.10 gears and doesn't know what transfer case.

The truck does need work. The rear glass needs to be installed and needs new switches. Trans linkage needs adjusting for proper shifting. Needs all new belts and freeze pugs. (got it to oxford and didn't know it was filled with water, popped 4 freeze plugs), No a/c or heat. blower motor needs fixing. Needs new top and door seals, and some cosmetic and go fast mods.
My plans for the truck are to have a nice rig to whip around with the top off and pile friends in to go ripp the lake for a day, go to cruisin' the coast, scrapin' the coast, and other car shows, and go mud/trail riding.

I have one concern about the truck and that is if it actually has a 460 in it or not. Are there any casting numbers on the block or heads to look for? I took some pictures, but they aren't the greatest quality. I have to figure out how to post them.


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