A460 Intake gasket separated

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A460 Intake gasket separated Empty A460 Intake gasket separated

Post  powerstrokeace on October 21st 2013, 12:35 am

few weeks ago we had a double header race a i had notice that the intake gaskets were starting to separate a little. Over the course of that day i kept an eye on it and looked like it was squeezing out. Buy sunday i notice the RPM's were higher and knew for sure we were sucking air eve though the bolts were tight. Well today we pulled the intake off after having SCE build a dyno pack for me. My kid asked me if i installed 2 gaskets. I said hell no! these were separating so bad i've never seen anything like this. its only the 2nd year snce this motor was freshened up so it not like its an old gasket


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