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New to BBF motor. lookin for info.

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New to BBF motor. lookin for info. Empty New to BBF motor. lookin for info.

Post  turborayden on August 6th 2013, 8:45 pm

Hello all, As the title states, looking to get some info. Possible 460 build comming up. I have a 92 F250 with an EFI 460 in it. Trucks not in to bad a shape, got a little rust but its straight. I honestly bought the truck because it was cheap. I needed a pickup to get me by for a while. Was shopping for a low budget ranger or f150 when I came across a bigblock truck for 700 bucks. Well, I couldnt help myself. The truck now has 200 on it and is getting pretty beat down. Oil foul on #8 plug. Runs ok with nonfowler but starting to smoke in the mid rpm range. I was figuring on a rebuild just comming a little sooner than I thought.

After some reading on the forums I am figuring out real quick that I have a lot to learn. Block type, head type, efi limitations etc.etc... What I really need to know is how to figure out exactly what my motor is, or has in it. I am very certain it is all stock from the factory. Any links or methods of identification would be great. I do also have a hard time finding a lot of EFI builds. Good reading is always accepted.

I dont have wild goals of a crazy 1000 hp drag truck with my 6500 pound truck. Just the idea of since I got to pull this big ole beast out of there, might as well do a little upgrading. What I really want is a big ole torqe monster sleeper. Just blow out a couple honduhhhs. Basic first thoughts starts with a middle of the road cam. Thinking 270-280 duration 500- 550 lift, cam, lifter, springs, timing set. Heads will be a self done mild port job, gasket match, deburr, and blending. Intake will be a good question, no clue what to do there. I want to hang with stock efi, perhaps mild mods, run on pump gas. No high compresion. Just a street truck sleeper with a little thump thump. Might even find a 100-125 shot on it for a couple track passes.

All sugestions and advise will be nice. Lots of links ands education is what I need. Thanks


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