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Hooked another newbie

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Hooked another newbie Empty Hooked another newbie

Post  lvhdude on September 21st 2012, 9:39 am

I've ordered a cobra kit. FFR MK IV. Thinking a 385 series stroker, 4.440 bore and 4.15 crank. Pump gas, Hyd. roller, single 4bbl. Aftermarket AU heads. Looking for 500+ numbers both torque and HP. I'll put the motor togeather myself, but I'm looking for advice and suggestions as to pistons, head work, cams, carbs vs. FI, intakes, ignitions, oil systems-pans-oil pressure charge pump?, internal/external balance, etc. I'm sure there are many experts here that I hope will help guide me. Looks like I have a line on a DOVE-A block and SCJ heads. Perhaps I should just have these ported and freshened up? Maybe there are better choices for cost and weight. Thanks in advance, I am looking forward to an education. Cheers!


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