E85 Mark Sullens Review

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E85 Mark Sullens Review Empty E85 Mark Sullens Review

Post  torino501 on April 30th 2018, 2:09 pm

Sent my 950 HP to mark to get converted.was very skeptical. should have done it sooner. to say I'm very happy with it is an understatement. best 450.00 ive ever spent. specs
331/ afr 205's 9.0-1, comp cam .565/565 238/248 112
holley 174 was at 4-5 lbs of boost with 93.
pulley'd down to 12.psi, race fuel at 10.00 a gall no thank you.
out of the box this thing was 98% right. driveability is amazing. wot is amazing. this is a street car.no track. just a fun car to play with. ive you guys ars on the fence for street driving do it.


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