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thrust bearing fit Empty thrust bearing fit

Post  mustang557 on August 9th 2015, 9:28 am

I purchased an unused still wrapped premier block, had all the boring, honing and deck resurfaced,
started to install the main bearing to start my mock up and found that the thrust bearing didn't fit
in the block side saddle, the cap side fit fine. The block is still at the machine shop so we were able
to use crank saddle fixtures and boring bar with a dial indicator on the front and rear thrust sides,
found that the rear was within .001 taper from top to bottom when measured. We next moved to
the front and found that both end taper were .001 but the middle top to bottom taper was .005
(to clarify the .001 on the back side was thinner than the top and the .005 taper on the ft. was thicker)
My question is has anyone run into this problem? Also would the repair be to remove taper on the middle
of the ft. thrust side and if so how?


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